Local Love feat. Sweet Wool

Say hello to Sweet Wool! We had the pleasure of partnering with this adorable, addictive, & delicious Arizona-based spun cane company for a recent pop-up event at our shop. We discovered them on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their setup, branding, and handmade, organic cotton candy creations. Just looking through some of these photos is sure to sweeten your day! 
We spoke with owner, Cachaé Ward, about how Sweet Wool came to be. We loved her concept of creating a more natural, organic spin on cotton candy and adding artisanal flavors to the classic treat. This is not your standard "carnival" candy, it actually has flavors that go beyond just a color of pink or blue. While it may not turn your mouth into a rainbow, the flavors are sure to keep you wanting more. I tried them all and my top picks were Earl Grey and Sugar Cookie!
Tell us a little bit about how Sweet Wool got started...
"My idea for Sweet Wool goes all the way back to May 2014, after telling my friends about my idea to create a non-artificial alternative to cotton candy. At the time, I was so busy with life and afraid to make the leap that I put it on the back-burner. Flash-forward to 2017 when I told my boyfriend, Ryan, about "my idea I once had" while we were walking through the candy aisle at Whole Foods. Two days later an ENORMOUS package was delivered to my doorstep... a massive industrial sized cotton candy machine, via Ryan. Sweet Wool was born!"
What has been your favorite experience with the business so far?
"Oh it's hard to pick only one experience! Can I pick two?! 
To start with, I would have to say the excitement and happiness our hand-spun cane brings our guests! I feel so lucky to be a part of making someone's day or putting a smile on their face with our sweet treat. Second, being the immense support we've received from our peers and community. We have received so much outreach and positivity, my heart is full!"
How is your product made and what are some of your favorite recipes or flavors?
"Our products are USDA Certified Organic, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring, GMO-free, dairy-free, and gluten free! All of our cane flavors are derived from fruits and plants! I think my favorite flavor is our Earl Grey or our Turmeric Black Pepper! We work with local chefs to help create unique and seasonal flavors!"
Where can people find you next?
We'll be spinning at the The Ivy Event on March 29th, followed by our next community popup at the Anthropologie Kierland location on March 31st!
We owe a HUGE thank you to  Cachaé & Ryan for popping-up at the shop and giving us some fun background on Sweet Wool. If you're looking for a positively delicious addition to your next event, we hope you'll consider working with them!
We will be planning another event with them at Barnone very soon! 
Photos by Nikki Villatoro